Driver digitally signed

For adding drivers during deployment the certificate needs to go in the reference image / Johan By Arwidmark on 5:15 AM Re: Sign your unsigned drivers - Damn It Printer drivers is another area there this could be very usefull. Finally I found elsewhere solution, Which should be added to above. Open Cmd in elevated mode(Run as administrator) Type bcdedit. Exe -set testsigning ON Reboot Now Install Driver. By has on 7:32 AM Re: Sign your unsigned drivers - Damn. The scenario is that you have modified the f file so that the signing is now broken. This means if you for example try to add the driver to the Windows 7 driver store using pnputil -a f you will. In short, I'll show you how you can fool 64-bit Windows into thinking that that driver that you really need to use, but that isn't signed - which normally means that 64-bit Windows rejects it - is indeed signed, and. Open a Command Prompt with the SDK on its Path Once you've got the thing installed, click Start / All Programs / Microsoft Windows SDK v6.1, and then under that choose "CMD Shell." If you're running on Vista or later. Document copyright 2009 Mark Minasi; please see below for info on subscribing, unsubscribing or copying portions of this text. What's Inside, news, join Me At a Seminar, the Server 2008 Seminar is Now a 15-CD Audio Set, XP and Vista.